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Health science is an applied science field that addresses issues related to the human body and healthcare. While medical science aims to diagnose and heal the sick, health science also considers the collective health of individuals and the community to create a healthier society.

Disciplines in the 21st century are often unable to solve social issues without interacting with other studies.

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Biomedical Engineering
State-of-the art field related to health and quality of life

Biomedical engineering is an integrated field of study that combines cutting edge ICT, BT and NT.

Biosystem & Biomedical Science
Cultivating global leaders to improve 21th human health

The School of Biosystem and Biomedical Science at Korea University combines biomedical and bio-food sciences.

Health & Environmental Science
Educating specialized pioneers of global public health environment

Health and Environmental Science is the fusion study of Health Science Technology that prevents disease and promotes human health level.

Heath Policy & Management
Pivotal role in public healthcare and health improment

The School of Health Policy and Management is dedicated to training and inspiring the next generation of public health leaders.