School of Health Policy and Management

· Location :352A, Hana Science Hall B

· TEL : 02)3290-5670

· E-mail : publichealth@korea.ac.kr


The School of Health Policy and Management is dedicated to training and inspiring the next generation of public health leaders. Our educational programs focus on helping students develop the critical thinking and applied problem-solving skills needed to address a wide variety of public health challenges. We offer a diverse spectrum of study in areas such as public health, health promotion, health systems, health economics, health policy, health care management, health informatics, social & environmental epidemiology, health statistics, dental industry and global health.

To build students’ capacities to estimate and analyze health-related phenomenon, policies, programs, and activities as well as planning solutions to tackle them

To enhance students’ capacities to understand and solve health problems related to the upcoming aging society

To increase students’ understanding of a wide variety of organizations in the healthcare industry and its changing environment and capacities to successfully manage it

To equip students with accountable leadership skills required for health professionals

To enable students acquire theoretical and practical field-work skills that are needed for working in the fast-computerizing health care environment with state-of-the-art educational equipment and programs

To educate global public health leaders with strong knowledge in global health

The Future of the School of Health Policy and Management

Heath is the most basic resource for people to lead a happy life and health policy and management is a field of study that designs and manages the society for people to live healthily and happily. The School of Health Policy and Management plans to cultivate talented people who can accurately diagnose the Korean society, suggest ways to make people healthy and happy and make a healthy society for the people in third world countries that need international support and help. The program will take on various challenges from global warming to environmental pollution, from inequality of health to health problems of workers.