Embodiment: Health-Society Interaction

A Trans-Disciplinary Vision of Health:
“From Neurons to Neighborhoods"

Embodiment: Health-Society Interaction

Objective of research group

Cultivating creative, world-class students who transcend one’s major

Development of education/research program and establishing roadmap of multidisciplinary and cooperative research for health science

Development of Multidisciplinary and integrative research methodology

At the present, there is little cooperative research between social science and life science with the goal to improve healthcare. Therefore, one goal of the research group is suggesting specific and long-term strategy and road map for the improvement of human life through cooperative research and education between majors.

Policy planning for improving national healthy life expectancy in the 21st century

Suggest alternatives of governmental level policies through social science and life science multidisciplinary, cooperative research.

Provide directional guidance for individuals and the society through a holistic approach to genetics and environment

Research Areas

Building multi-disciplinary and integrative health science research paradigm

Multidisciplinary and integrative research strategy

Research on living environment: early childhood development

Research on working environment: social cause, status and alternative policies for accidental disasters

Education Areas

Nurturing creative global leaders of multidisciplinary health science research

Provide autonomous education and research opportunities and strict academic management