School of Health and Environmental Science

· Location :653A, Hana Science Hall B

· TEL : 02)3290-5680

· E-mail : chs_hes@korea.ac.kr


Health and Environmental Science is the fusion study of Health Science Technology that prevents disease and promotes human health level and Environment Science Technology that manages pollutant materials in various environments surrounding humans (natural, living and working environment) and develops eco-friendly energy.

Recently, chronic diseases, congenital malformation, developmental disorders and non-infectious health disorders related to harmful environmental factors, such as radioactive, chemical and physical factors, biomechanical stress factors and biological toxin are rapidly growing.

Korean and other developed countries have recognized the issue and responded by changing the health and environmental policy. The past policy that divided the environment and health is now being transformed into a health environment policy that regards humans and the environment as equally important.

Since factors that cause disease are various and complex, Health and Environmental Science need help from fusion and convergence study applied basic sciences such as chemistry, physics and biology, engineering, health science and statistics.

The School of Health and Environmental Science aims to train talented experts who can investigate harmful factors that have negative influences on the human-environment relation and monitor and prevent disease by minimizing breakout of diseases. Also, it is trying to train people who are capable of quickly responding to the safety and health problems that occur in the radiation or nuclear industries as well as creating high added value by applying radiation to various areas, such as industry and medical science.