School of Biomedical Engineering

· Location : 452A, Hana Science Hall B

· TEL : 02)3290-5650

· E-mail : bme@korea.ac.kr


Biomedical engineering is an integrated field of study that combines cutting edge ICT (Information and communications technology), BT (Biotechnology) and NT (Nanotechnology) to contribute to the improvement of human health. Following the rapid advancement of medical science and technology, biomedical engineering has evolved from being an interdisciplinary specialization into its own field of study and represents a new paradigm in science and technology.

The School of Biomedical Engineering at Korea University builds on principles of basic sciences, such as chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics, and applies them to engineering with the goal to develop new or advance existing medical technology.

Although Korea’s medical technology field is still in its infancy, the number of domestic biomedical engineering programs have been rapidly increasing since the mid 2000s in tandem with the government and private sector’s aggressive investment in related fields. The School of Biomedical Engineering anticipates a promising future under such domestic and worldwide trend.

Educational Goals and Vision

The School of Biomedical Engineering at Korea University strives to nurture well-rounded graduates with varied medical/basic science and engineering knowledge, and equip them with the capacity to lead cutting edge medical technology industry.